We're still at the beta stage. If you find any bugs, please email us at admin@http://homewoodscreation.ph/

Meanwhile, have a look at out very beautiful piece of art called Bambie.

How To Order

1. Check our  website to decide on furniture design (homewoodscreation.ph)
2. Email the design name or code name of the item wanted to order (homewoodscreation@yahoo.com.ph). 
3. Pay 10% deposit and delivery charge under Homewoods Creation BDO Bank Account.
4. Email the deposit slip and provide the following information: 
   - Name
   - Order details
   - Delivery address
   - Receiver of the item
   - Size area of the following: door, elevator, hallway, stairs, room space
   - Condo administrative restriction.
5. Copy of Sales Invoice together with the complete details of job order will be given.
6. Read and check carefully the provided job order. It must be in detailed format. (Furniture design, color, wood, size, fabric/leather code if applicable).
7. Fully understand terms and condition. 
8. You may follow up delivery schedule after 7-working days of ordering.